Exhibition appearance

Paris Motorshow 2016

The exhibition appearance conceived and realized by VITAMIN E for the client Opel at the most popular motor show in the world, the Mondial l'Automobile in Paris, which focused significantly on the world premiere of the electric vehicle Ampera-e, which has one of the longest ranges of any electric car.

When staging the event, our experts for spatial communication deliberately dispensed with the use of large-scale video walls for the stand, which covered an area of more than 2000 m2. Instead, one of the oldest communication techniques was used: perspective silhouette theater.

This break with the traditional marked the beginning of a new era ā€“ the democratization of e-mobility ā€“ that Opel is ushering in with the Ampera-e electric vehicle. The unique design illustrates the brand's courage to break new ground and makes this new era and the entire Opel product world an extraordinary experience for visitors.



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