You want potential customers to develop an interest in your product and remember your brand?

Targeted communication and effective content are the most important prerequisites for your success.

Our VERTIKOM Influence specialists ensure eye-catching and convincingvisibility in all relevant media areas and effectively influencepublic perception of brands.

With inspiring tailor-made content campaigns for print, digital, and social media, our team of strategists, PR, experts and editors creates exciting stories that stick in the minds of consumers. A bond is established between the potential buyer and the product or brand that touches them emotionally and strengthens their decision.



  • Marken- & Produkt Kommunikationsstrategie
  • Brand- & Produkt PR
  • Celebrity- & VIP Relations
  • Blogger Relations
  • Lifestyle- & Fashion Redaktion
  • Content Kreation
  • Digital Influencer Activation
  • Social Media Management
  • Community Management


  • Hamburg
  • Vienna
  • Zurich


Carina Grendel

Managing Director
T +49 40 460 722 70